Smart in Public is a research platform founded by Alexander Zeh , Vincent Schipper  and Caro van Dijk, that searches for meaningful opportunities for the networked city by developing situated prototypes during a series of workshops. This approach aims to provoke exploratory ways of thinking through interdisciplinary collaborations and practical research that is focused on the development of networked prototypes that engage people locally and allow heterogeneous participation beyond the physical location.

The re-appropriation of public space into co-creative experiences requires possibilities for open-end use, urban planning should not be designing fixed schemes, but designing evolving protocols, based on these transitions, human associations and interactions.

The public domain is where we learn what our city needs and how it evolves. We therefore need to design a learning environment, for inhabitants and for designers.


Alexander Zeh is an interaction designer and creative director focusing on human-centered experience design.

He is formally trained in graphic design with several years of experience in interaction design for web-based services, mobile applications, consumer electronics, navigation devices, automotive interfaces and tangible interactive installations.

Besides these practices he is also the co-organizer of This happened – Utrecht, a series of events about the stories behind interaction design and teaches Communication and Multimedia Design at the Rotterdam University, where he mentors students during their graduation project.


Vincent Schipper is an international writer, researcher and creator specializing in the cross-section of architectural theory, urbanity, and critical theory. He is involved in various online and print publications as well as in social urban manifestations.


Caro van Dijk is an architect and researcher specialised in sustainable design and inventing new typologies. Having worked at several leading offices in Amsterdam, she has a broad experience as an architect in design and construction.

Caro is also a design teacher at the TU Delft, department of Architecture – Interiors, Buildings and Cities, and a frequent lecturer on sustainable architecture for various educational institutions.

She initiates events to generate and share knowledge in her field, such as documentary nights and interdisciplinary workshops.