September 16, 2011

During the Hypermud workshop at PICNIC 2011 the participants experimented with the possibilities of democratized fabrication for building personalized architectural structures in combining ancient building techniques with digital fabrication.

Another angle of the workshop was to correlate this architectural research to the objectives of the Builders at Play workshop about designing objects for co-creativity and co-ownership in the public realm,

Christian Friedrich, Tomasz Jaskiewicz and Alexander Zeh developed a prototype that is directly responding to activity and environmental influences in a place by reading sensor data and generating related audio/visual feedback, which communicates the prevailing occurrences locally. Depending on the intended application the programmed feedback loop can vary from directly monitoring activity to autonomous behaviour and intentional intervention.

In addition to the local interaction all generated data is published real-time via Pachube, a web-based service built to manage real-time data, giving people the power to share and to collaborate on information and enabling the use of real time data with minimal technical obstructions. The public data generated by the prototype can be repurposed and contextualized by anybody with a variety of applications that are readily available through the Pachube community.

To conclude, this experiment achieved building a prototype that implements the technology components of networked environments but needs further development to create a meaningful experience that can facilitate public involvement and unobstructed participation in the larger realities of the city.

The prototype was realized with kind support of the Waag Society and Pachube.

Technical Details
Hardware: Nanode, Electret Mic with preamplifier, Photosensor, Piezo buzzer, DMX controller, Led washers

Software: Arduino
Download the Arduino code, written and compiled by Christian Friedrich.

Web-service: Pachube

Hypermud participants
Hyperbody TU Delft, Gemeente Amsterdam PMB, Barcelona IAAC, VURB, DUS Architects, Waag Society, Smart in Public

Prototype demo video

Live Nanode sending data to Pachube
Live Nanode

Nanode Pachube feed
Nanode Picnic 11 - Pachube

3D printer
September 16, 2011-3

Printed structures
September 16, 2011-2

Hypermud Arcade by smartinpublic, on Flickr
Hypermud Arcade

Vincent talking about hypermud by illustir, on Flickr
Vincent talking about hypermud